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A Critical Decision That Needs Careful Thought

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401k rollover
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What are my rollover options?

There are several options to choose from depending on what your retirement goals are. When do you plan on using the funds? Whether you are looking for future income, safety, protection from market losses, or growth there is an annuity for you. Here are a few for you to think about...



Fixed Indexed Annuity


Fixed Annuity

Variable Annuity

Why would I roll over my 401k? 


Simple. To protect your retirement from market losses and avoid management fees. If you currently have a 401k, IRA, SEP IRA, Mutual Funds or any variable accounts (stock market) your funds are at risk for losses. When the majority of your funds are in the stock market it may not be suitable for you to have all of your funds at risk. Remember 2008? Ouch, I know. Most Americans lost 40% of their wealth in the blink of an eye. Who's to say this wont happen again? Can you afford to lose your retirement funds? Do you have the time to recoup from a loss? If you lose funds in the market will you continue to work to continue contributing to your retirement accounts? The answer is NO. If you lose 50% of your account this means you will have to gain 100% back in order to be even! And that will never happen without decades of time and money compound, and no further losses. 

Let's talk fees. How much is this protection going to cost me? There are many companies that charge rollover fees and account management fees. Rest assured with our Annuities you pay nothing! There is no cost to roll over your accounts and there are no fees to manage your annuity policy! Yes, I said No Fees! 




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