just guarantees.

no promises 

...and no fees

 say no to advisor fees 

we are non fee based advisors. which means you, the client, pay zero fees for us to help you with your accounts. whether you want to grow your savings, protect your money from market losses, or roll over your 401k it's free with pacific united financial.

how is that possible your thinking. 

here's how it works. We are so good at what we do that we have negotiated with our carriers to pay us directly when we help our clients. this leaves you, the client, never paying us for our services. usually a financial advisor can charge you anywhere from 1-3% of your account principal, regardless if you lose money or not.


we charge zero fees. cool right?

we think so. 

 just guarantees.

pacific united financial partners with top a-rated carriers that are centuries old. they all provide written guarantees on growth,payout and other important features that make it easy for you to sleep at night.


"you are in good hands with pacific united financial"

-Kathleen, la jolla, ca


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