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When planning your retirement there are many factors to carefully consider. Health care costs, Asset Protection, Growth, Legacy and Retirement Income. 
No one retirement plan suits all people, that is why
Pacific United Financial offers a full range of strategies that are tailored to suit your specific needs.

How to Eliminate Loss & Fees From Your Retirement

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When planning your retirement safety of principal is highly important. Whether your looking for safety, growth, or income, there is an annuity for you. 

  • What is an Annuity?

  • How can I choose an Annuity that is right for me? 

  • What money should I put into an Annuity? 

Rolling a 401k into a downside protected account is essential for retirement planning. By rolling your accounts into a fixed account you are taking the risk out of the equation. 

Rolling over a 401k is simple and easy. Finding the right vehicle to roll it into is another story. We have made it simple and easy to organize and review. 


  • Why rollover my 401k? 

  • What are my 401k rollover options? ​

  • Are there fee's when rolling over my 401k? 

We offer free group benefits presentations in order to educate your work force on the options they have for building and protecting their retirement. 

We offer Retirement 101 for all of your employees.


  • Annuities 


  • Health Care options 

  • Life Insurance/ Indexed Universal Life...and More

Turning 65? Lucky you! You are now eligible for Medicare. This may save you hundreds of dollars per month. Enrolling in Medicare can be a hard and confusing process. We have simplified this down to one page. 

  • Am I eligible for a Medicare Supplement? 

  • Why is a Medicare Supplement the best? 

  • How can I qualify for a Medicare Supplement ? 

Most families are faced with the choice to open separate accounts for retirement and college savings. With an IUL, Indexed Universal Life, you can save for both Retirement and Education without having to decide beforehand how much you want to allocate to each. You have the complete control and ability to dictate how to use your proceeds without having to pay a penalty, and in some cases when ready you can access your money tax-free.


  • Learn how smart people are saving for college

Having a Long Term Care plan is essential for your retirement. Simply put, Long Term Care is an asset protection vehicle that allows you to buy into a pool of money and access it anytime you need medical care. There are many types of Long Term Care policies to choose from. We have simplified this process for you!


  • What is Long Term Care?

  • How can Long Term Care help me?

When structured properly the IUL Indexed Universal Life policy is one of the most powerful retirement vehicles out there today. When the cash value is compounded for a period of time the returns can be stunning...and Tax Free! 

  • How can something be Tax Free? 


  • How does the IUL (Indexed Universal Life) work? 


  • How can I qualify for Tax Free Income? 

When structured properly a Life  policy is one of the most powerful retirement vehicles out there today. When the cash value is compounded for a period of time the returns can be stunning...and Tax Free! 


  • What is an IUL (Indexed Universal Life)?

  • How does the IUL work? 

  • How can I qualify for an IUL?

It is essential to start your planning as young as possible. When it comes to compounding interest and growing your assets, nothing can substitute time. The more time you have for growth the more money you will have to actually do what you want in life! Start NOW! 20's, 30's, 40's even 50's, it's never too early to start planning. 

  • How to choose the right growth plan 


  • Should I contribute to a 401k? 


  • Should I contribute to a ROTH IRA?

"David Abreu has the gift of making a complex subject simple and exciting to understand without the financial jargon. Even a layman like me can implement".   

- John S. age 62, Retiree in California

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