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Fixed indexed 


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Fixed Indexed Annuity
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Can I rollover my 401k, IRA, SEP, or other qualified accounts into this?  

Yes you can! You can rollover your qualified or non- qualified accounts into a Fixed Indexed Annuity. This is an easy, tax free process called a 1035 exchange. We call your existing management company and let them know we need to process a 1035 exchange or transfer and your accounts are..

- 100% Safe and Insured

- Protected from Market Loss

- Able to gain a reasonable Rate of Return

- Able to Avoid Probate

- Growing Tax Deferred


In addition:

- Most have no fees

Stop paying fees to manage your retirement accounts

Market-like Returns with No Loses..really?

Really? Such a vehicle exists? YES! It's called the Fixed Indexed Annuity. It allows the policy owner to participate in the market index (usually the S&P 500) and the policy protects your funds from any market loss by giving you a No Loss Guarantee. Your principal and growth are locked in every year and if the market goes down your principal is protected. 

Wait what? How does this work?


When you own a Fixed Indexed Annuity, you are ensuring that you get a reasonable rate of return and ensuring that you never lose principal. Don't let the word 'indexed' fool you. Your funds are never actually in the market. Your funds are in an account that is mirroring the growth of the market, and only the growth, which is then credited to your principal every single year. However, if the market goes down like in 2008, your money is Safe, Protected and Guaranteed from loss. The reasonable rate of return is called your participation rate. Your participation rate is the rate that you, the policy owner get to keep as growth credited to your account. You are trading a participation rate for never having a loss in the market.

The participation rate changes on a monthly basis depending on the economy but when you purchase the Fixed Indexed Annuity you are locked in to that participation rate for the life of the policy which is usually 10 years.  

Ex.1: Your Participation Rate is 50% and the S&P goes up 12%. Your Principal will be credited 6%. You will lock in the gains and that amount is your new principal that no one can ever take away! Its yours! Does this make sense?  

Ex.2: Your Participation Rate is 50% and the S&P goes down -40% like in 2008. Your account is Safe and you lose nothing! You will never lose money due to market fluctuations. 

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